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Senior Spotlight – Valeria Bermudez-Gomez | Divine Savior Academy Blog

Senior Spotlight – Valeria Bermudez-Gomez

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I have been at DSA since PreK-4, so for about 14 years now. DSA has shaped my childhood and adolescence in ways I never could have imagined. I???ve created my closest friendships through my time here, as well as have discovered my passions and hobbies. Mostly, though, DSA has truly impacted my faith, as it has grown and been strengthened in ways I never thought possible. I truly have a family here, which I know is more than others can say for their schools.

In regards to the future, I feel DSA has prepared me academically, morally, and spiritually. Through my time at DSA I???ve found my passions, which I hope to pursue a career out of. ??With the classes I have taken, especially nearing the end of high school and with AP (Advanced Placement) courses, most of my teachers described their approach to the class as ???college modeled.??? The AP Capstone program specifically has not only prepared me for what I will encounter in college, but has also led me to a new discovery of academics that I had yet to be involved in – research. My moral and spiritual life go hand in hand; this, of course, has been strengthened by all of the theology classes taught, as well as chapel every week. By being at DSA my faith has grown tremendously and as a result, I am confident that it will guide me in my future.

My favorite memory here at DSA is International Week. All through elementary and part of middle school, International Week was the week I looked forward to more than any. It was a week dedicated to learning about a new country, arts and crafts decorating our classroom door, which all led to the end of the week Festival where parents from the DSA community would unite and create booths representing different countries. It was through International Week and the learning of different cultures and places that sparked my interest and passion for travel.

My advice for younger students would simply be to enjoy what you have for what it is. Growing up at a school like DSA has made me realize how tremendously blessed I am. You???re only in middle school once, you???re only 16 once, and finally, you???re only a senior once, and being able to experience that at a place as special as DSA is truly humbling.

Senior Valeria Bermudez-Gomez is the president of the Red Cross Club??and Head Ambassador of the Ambassadors Club. She is part of the National Honor Society and participates in Choir and Model United Nations. Bermudez-Gomez plans to study psychology, hopefully at a university on the east coast, and go specifically into behavioral developmental research.

Staci Landwehr
Staci Landwehr
Staci Landwehr is the Communications Coordinator at Divine Savior Academy, Doral.