Senior Spotlight – Orazio Casanova

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March 9, 2018
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March 14, 2018

I???ve been enrolled at DSA for around seven years, so I???ve been here since fifth grade when I moved to the United States from Venezuela. Looking back on it now, not only has DSA successfully prepared me for the rigor of college but most importantly,

it??has also provided me with an education centered on God???s truth which has allowed me to grow as a member of God???s family.

My favorite part of DSA is the people because everyone (in my classes at least) is very collaborative and willing to help each other out whenever someone struggles understanding something in class or outside of class. A small piece of advice for eighth graders entering freshman year is to take their first year of high school as seriously as they would working in their dream job and then to view the other three years as a competition against other workers to receive a promotion (college, that is). This mindset would lead them to work hard in the first year, and then to continue that work throughout the three years in a higher intensity since it would feel like a race with their peers all throughout the country for a spot in the college of their dreams.

Senior Orazio Casanova is the Student Body President, Co-captain of the Relay for Life “Got Hope” team, Co-president of the American Red Cross Club and Math Club President. He is hoping to attend??Brown University and study??biomedical engineering while participating in laboratory research in the field of drug delivery systems and liposomes.

Staci Landwehr
Staci Landwehr
Staci Landwehr is the Communications Coordinator at Divine Savior Academy, Doral.