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January 25, 2018
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February 2, 2018

Read on to find out what Ana Moreno, class of 2017, is accomplishing at Florida International University this year…

How is your college experience at FIU going?

My college experience at FIU has been really satisfactory. I have gotten to learn a lot about my career (architecture) which has really enhanced my passion for it. The college experience for this career, although it is really exhausting, has gotten me to meet a lot of new and cool people that have the same interests as I do. I spend most of my day at the university???s architecture studio where I have a space to create and work on my projects next to my classmates, which allows me to be surrounded by inspiration and new things to learn, while at the same time being in a?? fun and a comfortable environment.

What major are you studying and what do you hope to do in the future for a career?

I am majoring in Architecture. In the future, I have many things I would like to accomplish with this career, but some of the main ones are to implement more sustainable architecture into our environment wherever in the world, to help the city of Miami to have a more effective traffic route while at the same time create more effective public transportation, and to develop a program to provide shelter to communities in need. And well, of course, design a pretty cool skyscraper, an airport, a church, and my dream house.

How has DSA helped prepare you for where you are now?

DSA gave me some tools that developed my interest towards my career, such as the STEM program. I really encourage students who are interested in any field related to innovation and developing new things … to take STEM.

DSA also gave me tools to be the individual I am today, which makes me stand where I am.

Are there any other fun updates about your life/opportunities you’ve had that you’d like to share?

Every year the architecture program at FIU holds a competition for any architecture student in Florida to create shoes to walk on water and whoever wins gets $1000. In the 2017 competition, me and my partner not only won but also broke the record, so we received $2000. Of course, we worked really hard; we even failed our first attempt??but kept on working. It was a really fulfilling experience not only because we won, but it encouraged us to push further our intellect, and it was fun!

Staci Landwehr
Staci Landwehr
Staci Landwehr is the Communications Coordinator at Divine Savior Academy, Doral.