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Congrats to March Madness Poetry Champion 2017! | Divine Savior Academy Blog

Congrats to March Madness Poetry Champion 2017!

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Throughout March, the AP English students at Divine Savior Academy conducted the March Madness of Poetry Contest for all high school students. Participants were challenged with writing a variety of creative poems ranging from a humorous clerihew to a structured Horatian ode. After four weeks of competition, sophomore Yelifer Al-Abdala was voted as the 2017 champion. Her free verse poem based on the theme The Power of the Mind is listed below. We thank the high school Student Council for sponsoring the cash prizes and all students who participated in this year???s event.


The Power Of The Mind

Written by Yelifer Al-Abdala


Human minds are beautifully breathtaking.

Read this poem to yourself without uttering a word,

Just listen to your voice.

Listen to how you are capable of hearing yourself,

without others being able to hear you.

Listen to the voice inside your head.

Do you hear it?

Listen to your voice and how every word is



Read silently.

But at the same time,

They aren???t read so silently,

because you can hear them perfectly.


Now focus on the writing in front of you and nothing else.

Let it consume you.

No distractions, just you and your mind.

Think of someone who makes you incredibly happy.

Do you have someone? Good.

Now believe they are directly in front of you.

Look at their smile,

At the way they look at you when they walk towards you.

Count the number of eyelashes they have,

Pay attention to the color of their eyes and their hair.

Close close your eyes and imagine.

Human minds are beautifully breathtaking.


They have the power to envision someone even though they aren???t there at the moment.

They can read without uttering a word.

They can think of a time when you felt sad,

A time when you felt happy,

Or a time when you felt exhausted,

And remember it vividly.

They can remember the first time you rode a bike,

And how free you felt.

They can remember the feeling you get when you have finished an amazing book.

They can remember your favorite song

and every single word of it.

Or that time when you were surrounded by people you love,

And you knew that moment would live in your heart,


They remember how it feels to hug someone after a long time of not seeing them.

The warmth.

The joy.

The overwhelming relief.

The feeling of never wanting to let go.

Imagine all these things.

Close your eyes and imagine them.

Amazing, isn???t it?


Your mind is your most powerful weapon,

It can create an unforgettable memory,

Destroy the bad ones in a matter of seconds,

And recollect mesmerizing moments,

All through the power of thought.

The human mind is like the wind:

Always present and sometimes unnoticed,

But is ultimately something that won???t cease to exist.

Human minds are beautifully breathtaking,

So use yours wisely.

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Dana Kirchoff
Dana Kirchoff
Dana Kirchoff is the Director of Communications at Divine Savior Academy.