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When high school student Melisa Gil Estiz isn???t studying for chemistry and algebra, she is collecting crayons. This peculiar hobby isn???t without a purpose. As a young philanthropist, the 11th grader collects used crayons for the non-profit organization she founded last year, Crazy 4 Crayons.??

The story of Crazy 4 Crayons began in 2013 when Melisa???s aunt, Margarita Estiz, became the sponsor of the Rivera School located in Colonia los Sauces, Entre Rios, Argentina. Immediately Margarita Estiz noticed the shortage of school supplies at the school. Meanwhile, Melisa Gil Estiz noticed the amount of crayons that go to waste in her own community.

???Living in Doral, Florida, I saw too many items go to waste, crayons being one of them. The fact that these crayons were being thrown away when other kids didn???t have any crayons bothered me. For two years now, my brothers and I have been collecting crayons and sending them to the Rivera School in Argentina. It is amazing to see the impact that small actions have on others. This made me want to expand and keep collecting crayons, pushing me to found Crazy 4 Crayons,??? comments Gil Estiz.

After creating her non-profit, Melisa Gil Estiz noticed that restaurants give out crayons to children. Most of these crayons are then thrown away after just one use. Now, Crazy 4 Crayons is collecting these barely used crayons in restaurants around Doral and the Greater Miami area.

Gil Estiz also began collecting crayons at her own school, Divine Savior Academy. After receiving great support at DSA, she now collects new and used crayons at other Doral schools, too. The list of schools and restaurants now accepting used crayons is available at

With so many crayons being collected, the Rivera School has more than enough supplies for its students. Crazy 4 Crayons is now looking to expand even further by collecting supplies for other in-need schools. Melisa and her aunt are asking their community to nominate other schools that could benefit from receiving used crayons. To nominate another school, contact Gil Estiz at her website,, or leave a message on the Crazy 4 Crayons Facebook page.

???So many usable things in the USA go to waste. These items would be appreciated in underdeveloped communities around the world. When Melisa started collecting those crayons and sending them to the Rivera School, it was amazing to see how something that was otherwise converted into trash, was so gratefully received and put to good use by these children. It brings me so much joy to see them have fun, express themselves, and explore their artistic side using the crayons Melisa provides us,??? says Margarita Estiz.

Learn more about Crazy 4 Crayons on or by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all created and updated by Crazy4Crayons founder, 11th grade student Melisa Gil Estiz. Crazy 4 Crayons is also an LLC that collects donations to offset the shipping costs of the crayons, as well as purchase other supplies for the Rivera School. To donate, make checks payable to Crazy4Crayons, LLC and mail to 9737 NW 41st Street Suite #384, Doral, FL 33178.

Dana Kirchoff
Dana Kirchoff
Dana Kirchoff is the Director of Communications at Divine Savior Academy.