DSA Chess Team: Super Championship CHAMPIONS!

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March 10, 2015
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DSA Chess Team: Super Championship CHAMPIONS!
By Gilberto Luna, DSA Chess Teacher and Program Leader
On March 21-22nd DSA???s Chess Team competed in the Florida Scholastic Chess League???s Super Championship with amazing results!
With only four players, the high school team won the K12 Open. It was extremely competitive. DSA won 1st place on tiebreaks, making them Super Championship Champions. Congratulations to??Andres Bermudez, Santiago Munoz, Christian Rodriguez, and Luca Sepulveda!
DSA Senior Santiago Munoz played the tournament of his life. Munoz??won five of six??games, even though he was out-rated in most of his games, and he had a last round draw versus the top board (almost 2300 in rating). It is estimated that he will gain around 200 rating points. Santiago??also won a $500 scholarship for being the Top 12th grader. Congratulations, Santiago!
The K8 team also won 1st place in the Open with a huge last round, winning the tournament by a full two points. We are looking forward to this??K8 team filling the role of our K12 team once they graduate this May. Congratulations to Giuliano Chizzolini, Matteo Russionello, Valentina Bermudez, and Lucas Gil-Estiz. Lucas played an excellent??tournament with big wins even when he was??out-rated by hundreds of points. It was a great feat for these players to win this section since there were??only four of them!
Our K5 team had just 3 players, but still placed and won a trophy for 5th place. Congratulations to Lucas Martinez, Simon Gil-Estiz, and Jesus Bermudez!
DSA???s??K3 team took home the??2nd place trophy! We had 5 players in the K3 Open:??Sebastian Herrera, Ryan Hansen, Abelardo Goncalves, Christian Cozzo, and Franco Cangahuala. It was the K3 team???s best tournament so far. Ryan Hansen won an Individual trophy placing 10th place and scoring a team high 3.5 points in the Open. Great tournament for Ryan and our whole K3 Team!
DSA??also fielded a team in the K8 Under section. They won??5th place. Daniel Martinez had an excellent individual result winning 4th place. Congratulations, Daniel! The team members were: Daniel Martinez, Santiago Martinez, Valeria Bermudez, Juan Diego Cozzo, and Mauricio Cozzo.
Team awards
  • K12- 1st Place Champions
  • K8- 1st Place Champions
  • K8 Under- 5th Place
  • K5 Open- 5th Place
  • K3 Open- 2nd Place
Individual awards
  • Santiago Munoz- K12 Co-Champion
  • Andres Bermudez- 6th place
  • Matteo Russoniello- 7th place, K8 Open
  • Giuliano Chizzolini- 10th place, K8 Open
  • Daniel Martinez- 4th place, K8 Under
  • Ryan Hansen- 10th place, K3 Open

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Dana Kirchoff
Dana Kirchoff
Dana Kirchoff is the Director of Communications at Divine Savior Academy.