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DSA Senior Named to Student Journalism Advisory Board | Divine Savior Academy Blog

DSA Senior Named to Student Journalism Advisory Board

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October 23, 2014
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Divine Savior Academy senior Mayra Abadie has been named to the American Society of News Editor???s (ASNE) Student Advisory Board. ??In its second year, the Student Advisory Board brings together high school journalists from across the country to network with one another as they share challenges, successes and tips, as well as discuss current events in the journalism industry.

???As a member of the Advisory Board, I participate in various discussions with other students from around the nation,??? says Abadie. ???In these discussions I am able to get advice and learn new things from other students that I might not think of on my own or learn on my own. ??I get to gain new journalistic skills through the Advisory Board.???

The Student Advisory Board is part of ASNE???s Youth Journalism Initiative. ??Through this endeavor, these members become the voice of young journalists, giving ASNE a better idea of what the journalistic culture is like in today???s secondary school setting. ??And in today???s connected culture, it???s only appropriate that social media is driving the discussion.

???Once you are officially a member, you are asked to become a member of the Facebook page for the Advisory Board. ??And it???s there that everyone discusses the topic at hand, and we???re asked different questions, and we???re asked for our opinion on various topics,??? says Abadie.

In addition to the Student Advisory Board, ASNE???s Youth Initiative provides two other important resources for high school journalism students and teachers. ??Their website, SchoolJournalism.org, aims to be the go-to educational site for anyone involved in high school journalism. ??A wealth of articles and resources provide answers to many student and teacher questions. ??ASNE also runs a highly successful summer program for journalism teachers and advisers, the Reynolds High School Journalism Institute.

Michael Babler, student media adviser at Divine Savior, attended one session of the Institute this past July, held on the campus of the University of Missouri.

???It was a very intensive, but very productive two weeks. ??So many topics were covered, from traditional journalism to more modern publishing methods. ??Also, the wealth of knowledge that existed in the room from the over 40 participants and presenters was outstanding,??? says Babler.

Attending the Institute has led Babler to make some changes to the journalism program at Divine Savior. ??Besides retooling the journalism curriculum, students in the media production class are now part of a student media group named Network 58. Spanning three media platforms, the staff members now regularly publish their work online, in print, and through video broadcasts.

Abadie has taken a leadership role in the print publication, The Golden Legacy, this year. ??As copy editor, she is responsible for the content and structure of each story published in the quarterly editions. ??Together, with the other editors, she has placed a renewed focus on the quality of work being branded under the new Network 58 banner.

Abadie???s journalism plans extend beyond her time at Divine Savior. ??She plans to major in journalism next fall and pursue a career in print journalism upon earning her degree. ??In the meantime, she has already entered the field, interning locally at CNN Latino. She knows the experience with ASNE???s Student Advisory Board will be positive and help propel her forward into the field of journalism.

???I???m looking forward to learning new things that will help me as a journalist, [such as] getting advice from other students my age that would help me maybe relate to my audience as a youth journalist.???

To learn more about Divine Savior???s student media group, Network 58, visit their website at www.network58online.com. ??You can also like them on Facebook (network58online), and follow them on Twitter (@network58online) and Instagram (network58online).

Dana Kirchoff
Dana Kirchoff
Dana Kirchoff is the Director of Communications at Divine Savior Academy.