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10 Summer Activities for Your Pre-Kindergarten Student | Divine Savior Academy Blog

10 Summer Activities for Your Pre-Kindergarten Student

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June 12, 2014
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June 29, 2014

10 Summer Activities for Your Pre-Kindergarten Student

By Shawna Mehlberg, Divine Savior Academy Early Childhood Director

Parents often wonder what they can do to prepare their pre-kindergarten students for kindergarten. Summer is the perfect time to help your child grow academically, socially, emotionally, and artistically. Take the opportunity to work with your child a little bit every day, but remember that learning at this age should be fun. Prekindergarten students love to work with their hands, play with friends, pretend, and get a little messy.

Here are ten hands-on summer activities to help your prekindergarten student get ready for the first day of school this fall!

  1. Play with a friend at one of Doral???s beautiful parks to develop their imagination skills, gross motor skills and social skills.
  2. Ask your child to tell you his or her favorite story to improve memory recall.
  3. Take an alphabet tour! Find items around the house that begins with each letter of the alphabet. Have your child record the letters they find and draw a corresponding picture.
  4. Involve your child in cooking lunch or dinner to practice math and science skills. They can assist you in reading a recipe, measuring ingredients, and mixing.
  5. Build with Legos or blocks to develop creativity, fine motor skills, and math knowledge.
  6. Take your child with you to the grocery store. Encourage number recognition by counting objects in your cart or giving them directions concerning items needed.
  7. Make a sock puppet using an old sock, markers, glue, old buttons, and yarn to strengthen creativity and fine motor skills. For literacy and language development, have your child put on a puppet show.
  8. Play with a variety of objects and manipulatives in your home. The following are early math skills that provide a necessary foundation: counting, ordering, sorting, matching and comparing household objects.
  9. Experiment with water. Transfer water into different sized cups or bowls to improve comparison and measuring skills. Children can transfer liquids using spoons, measuring cups and eye droppers.
  10. Read! Read! Read! Reading every day is the single most important thing you can do with your pre-kindergartener. Reading encourages literacy and provides the foundation children need to learn how to read by themselves. Read old favorites or visit the library or bookstore to discover new books.

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Dana Kirchoff
Dana Kirchoff
Dana Kirchoff is the Director of Communications at Divine Savior Academy.