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April 14, 2014
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The Emotions of Easter

A Message from Pastor Carlos

The Lenten season is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.?? I think that???s a fair description when you compare the sadness of Good Friday with the joy of Easter Sunday.?? On Good Friday, the disciples would probably have told you that this was the worst day of their lives. However, by Sunday, as they spoke with Jesus, I can imagine one of them yelling, ???This is the greatest night of my life!????? What a total and complete contrast of emotions the disciples must have felt.

On Good Friday sadness filled their eyes.?? The man they had loved, the man they had followed, the man they believed to be the Son of God was being punished to the fullest extent of the law for crimes he did not commit.?? A sense of defeat must have washed over them.?? As the Jews mocked and ridiculed Jesus the disciples must have felt as if everything they had preached, believed, and dedicated their lives to had been proven wrong.?? Fear must have swept over them, too.?? They must have wondered, ???If they did this to Jesus, what will they do to us????

That was Friday, but oh how these emotions changed just three days later.?? As the tomb was found empty and Jesus reappeared first to Mary and then His disciples, sadness was turned to joy, defeat to victory, and fear to bold confidence in the promises of God.?? Their Lord, whom they had so deeply loved, was back. He had risen.?? Everything that had been written, promised, and spoken of Him had been fulfilled. All that Jesus said would happen, happened. Jesus proved that he was the Son of God and our Savior from sin. Again, what a complete contrast of emotions from only three days earlier!

Now let me ask you this: what emotions does Easter bring to your life??? Despite the more than 2000 years that separate us from that first Easter morning, my hope is that your emotions are the same.?? It is my prayer that you have the same joy as you think about our risen Lord, and that you have the same confidence that His death and resurrection bring you victory over sin, death, and the devil.?? It doesn???t mean Satan is going to leave us alone from here on out, but it does mean that whenever he comes calling we can look to our Lord.?? We can turn to Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins and the hope of heaven because he did not stay in that grave. He rose victorious.

Look to the heavens and smile. Know your eternal home awaits you there because He is risen!?? He is risen indeed!

Have a blessed Easter,

Pastor Carlos

Divine Savior Church invites you to celebrate with us this Easter:

9:30am: English Celebration Service (refreshments and Easter Egg Hunt following service)

11:30am: Spanish Celebration Service (refreshments and Easter Egg Hunt following service)

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Dana Kirchoff
Dana Kirchoff
Dana Kirchoff is the Director of Communications at Divine Savior Academy.