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A Thanksgiving Message from Pastor Carlos | Divine Savior Academy Blog

A Thanksgiving Message from Pastor Carlos

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November 4, 2013
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November 11, 2013

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. ??Why??? Because it???s a time when we as a country stop and focus on the many blessings God has given us.?? Perhaps you didn???t know this, but there are only five countries in the world that celebrate Thanksgiving.?? It only makes sense that the United States is one of these countries, because we have been tremendously blessed. ??Even on our bad days we have plenty of food to eat, clothing to wear, cars to drive, and, most importantly, a Savior who loves us.?? We have been blessed beyond what many in the world could imagine. It???s only fitting that we take this time every year to stop and give thanks to God for another year of grace.

As a child I learned a little rhyme that has always helped me keep a thankful attitude.?? I???ve shared it with some of you before, but it bears repeating. True thankfulness will never depend on our circumstances, but our attitude. ??The next time you???re feeling like things aren???t going exactly as you had planned, remember these words, ???As you go through life make this your goal, look at the donut and not the hole.???

There is so much good to see in life! Beyond the many earthly blessings we enjoy, we have innumerable spiritual blessings: we are redeemed children of God, we have the peace of forgiveness, and we have an eternal home in heaven through Jesus our Savior.

Life is about choices. As that little rhyme reminds us, we can choose to see all the blessings before us or we can spend our time and energy focused on the few things we don???t have. In other words, we can chose to see the donut or the hole.??I pray that this Thanksgiving and beyond you chose the former.

God has given us so much; enjoy saying thank you this Thanksgiving.

Please join us in saying ???thank you??? today, Wednesday, November 27. Our Thanksgiving church service times are 10am (2nd-5th grade), 12:30pm (Middle-High School), 5:30pm (PreK3-1st), and 7pm (PreK3-1st).